Rough Gemstones, Gemstones cut on demand & calibrated sizes

Rough Gemstones, Gemstones cut on demand & calibrated sizes

We are a supplier of semi-precious gemstone rough as well as semi-precious & precious gemstones cut to customer specifications. we cut directly from our rough, we source other stones through our contacts in Burma (Myenmar), Brazil, Tanzania, Mozambique, Vietnam, & Thailand.

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The Website was created due to an opportunity of having an enormous stock of Quartz at disposal, and a good cutter able to help fitting precisely cut stones into the settings produced by (casting for medium to large productions of high quality gold and silver jewelry for "boutique stores" and other chains).

We cut semi-precious stones for local jewelry factories in Thailand in partnership with a very good Master Cutter, and occasionally we sell the rough to gemstones cutting factories. It allows us to also provide an excellent service to creators abroad who can benefit from the large stock of high quality rough available on regular bases. Our position is ideal for creative jewelry creators working for Brands for they can produce large series of products with a high standard of cutting quality at very low price.

Our company is also involved in Custom Jewelry Manufacturer working only in making jewelry from customers designs. For a certain range of products using Semi-precious stones this association helps in very high quality standard jewelry with stable supply in a specific quality and color of stones.

Today the reality is that we do custom cutting only for the Quartz Family, Opal, Topaz, Aquamarin eventually.
Other stones we source as rough or cut from the mines or the mine owners and this includes precious stones in calibrated sizes but also Big Sizes Tsavorite, Tanzanite, Spinel, Touralines, Chrysoberyl, Natural Zircon, etc, but also big size Pink Sapphire, Sapphire, Ruby and even Diamonds since our Director Mr Yannick Mandaba (profile) has been working in this field as a gemologist graduated from HRD-Antwerp, Belgium.

Rubie and sapphires, mine run selection, Pailin cambodia, end of the day, all production. Yannick Mandaba, Nah Severs.
Rubies and sapphires, mine run selection, end of the day, Pailin, Cambodia, 2005. Little field trip to experiment the traditional heating process of corundums.

We have been visiting mines and establish relations with companies able to provide for many varieties of gemstones. When it is possible, we buy in cooperation with other large buyers in order to recieve the largest possible discount.

  • We keep a regular supply of the following types of gemstone rough:
    Amethyste, Citrine, Green Amethyst and the entire Quartz line (Cognac, Quartz Rutile, Rose de France, Rose Quartz, Agate, Blue Chalcedony, Fire Opal, etc..), Other varieties like Aquamarine, Morganite, Rubelite are available on specific request and in a certain timeframe if it needs to be ordered from te mineing country.

  • Quartzs, Topaz, Tourmaline, Aquamarine. We can cut our rough to exact customer specifications including difficult fancy cuts, concave cuts, and cut to fit provided settings. We have a very nice collection of special cutting styles available for jewelry of good taste.

  • We offer extremily competitive prices for callibrated Multi-Color Sapphires (Polychrome), Tourmaline, Garnets, Spinels, Tanzanite, Tsavorite. Princess and rounds cuts only.

  • We are able to source most gemstone varieties at better then wholesale prices directly from the producing countries using our network in producing regions (Asia, Brazil, East Africa, and the Middle East). We are talking about Top Stones up to very high quality, weight and prices.


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