Gem Rough & Callibrated

Gem Rough & Callibrated

We are a supplier of semi-precious gemstone rough as well as semi-precious & precious gemstones cut to customer specifications. As well as cutting directly from our rough, we source other stones through our contacts in Burma (Myenmar), Brazil, Tanzania, Mozambique, Vietnam, & Thailand.

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Sale Conditions and Procedures
Faceted Gemstones:

Order Procedures

  1. Contact us by email or by filling the following form and present shortly your project details.

    Please try to mention as much of the following as you can for each parcel of faceted stones:
    1. Shape: Oval, rectangle, octagon, pear, drop, etc.
    2. Faceting style, both crown and pavillion: ex: Standard, or briolette top or cabochon.
    3. Clarity & Color: Pictures may help illustrate this, as may providing us a budget in $/ct to define a quality range.
    4. Dimensions: You can also specify the height in mm or in %
    5. Quantity: Expected order quantity of each parcel.

  2. We receive an enquiry and provide you with a quote for order completion. This will generally take between 2 and 8 days though in some instances where unusual stones are requested it may take longer.

    • In cases where some stones are to be cut to customer specifications from our rough, we will provide a separate quote for prototypes which will be manufactured before the final order is met. This is to ensure that you are satisfied with both color and cut quality before starting quantity orders.

  3. We will collect payment for prototypes of stones that are cut to order (prototypes are not required for sourced stones, instead we may provide pictures or samples to be returned to us).

  4. We will manufacture prototypes of stones cut to specifications and send them to customer via express message service.

  5. If cut to order prototypes are acceptable, then a final invoice will be drafted containing details for the final order of both cut to order and calibrated/sourced stones.

  6. PAYMENT: Can be either collected in full as a deposit pending completion of terms of sale, or a letter of credit is accepted including said terms. For regular customers we might authorize 50% deposit and the rest on delivery through special cargo payment gateway (check the goods at Malca-Amit counter and receive the stones against payment).

Methods of Payment & Payment Terms

 Wire Transfer

  • This is our preferred method of payment for prototypes. Details will be given on request.

Check/Money Order

  • We do accept personal or corporate checks; however we will not begin production until after the checks have cleared. This can sometimes take up to 10 business days in Thailand for checks emitted by foreign Banks.

Letter of Credit L/C

  • L/C’s are sometimes utilized for larger orders with first time customers.

  • Cost of L/C is the responsibility of the buyer

  • By this method we accept thebank’s guaranty to pay us on conclusion of sale terms instead of a personal guaranty from our customers. Any international bank would explain in further detail as well as offer their rates for such a transaction. We recommend Citibank for this service.

  • Following is a short description of the Letter of Credit process for people who are not entirely familiar with it:
    • Letters of credit serve as a guaranty of payment from buyers to suppliers. They must be initiated by the party wishing to make payment for goods or services. This can be done through any international bank.

    • After a letter of credit from a bank has been issued, the supplier sends the goods to the customer. (No payment is made for the goods before the goods are received and terms of the letter of credit are met).

    • Once the terms specified in the letter of credit have been met, the bank pays the supplier the amount owed.

    • Later the customer pays back the bank in terms the customer has agreed to with the bank. Typical fee’s can vary, but usually the bank will charge a flat fee for issuing the letter, as well as interest on the loan to the customer until the loan is paid back. The exact terms will vary based on whichever bank you use.

Payment Terms

Except in rare circumstances for the first large order with a customer we can offer terms only if guarantied by a Letter Of Credit from an international bank. As we proceed in business together we may become more flexible on this policy.

Managing Director,
Yannick Mandaba


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